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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I listed a new circular needle & DPN case on etsy today I hope it does as well as the other I was really surprised at how fast the first one sold.

Today Chuckles my father & I changed the brake pads & front rotors on chuckles Rendezvous. Not bad for 2 fatties & an old fart only took us 4hrs. We decided to hit 1/2 price books after we left my dads & I got a copy of Year Zero, it looked ok. Chuckles also found 2 copies of Foxfire #3&5. If you don't know about foxfire I recommend checking them out if you are into natural homemade basic living. It's a series of books that started out as a magazine about how people live in the Appalachian mountains. The cover everything from mid-wives, tanning hides, canning food yada yada.

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Dharma said...

Hey, wanna change the brakes on our car? Oops, we need them done *before* we move... Oh well.