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Monday, July 23, 2007

Holy cucumber batman

So I haven't been checking my garden much this summer because we were invaded by bunnies & I didn't think much would survive. They pretty much killed all my broccoli & cauliflower plants except 1. Welllllll I went to check on the peppers & cucumber tonight when I let the dogs out & happened to glance under a big leaf holy crap! Check these out, yes that is a 20oz bottle for size comparison.

I finally took some pictures while I had the camera out. This is my second attempt at a knit hat. Basically the same style I made as before but in the correct size this time. It's made from recycled yarn that looks like a handspun but is an acrylic, I love it & will probably wear it a lot this winter.

I also have a picture of my progress on the top down raglan. I'm making it in a 3x size probably solid black with 3/4 length sleeves. I'm pretty slow at knitting this is probably 15+hrs of work.


Ilix said...

YAY!!! way to jump in! Can't wait to see that sweater done!

Dharma said...

So do you drink that stuff. TGF does, every day usually. Gag.