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Monday, July 30, 2007

Post dentist

So today was the big dental day for chuckles...... poor thing. I got a couple of rows completed in the waiting room, it would have been more but some annoying lady started chatting me up about some guy she talks to online (you've got mail was playing in the waiting room). What prompts people to start talking to you when you are obviously into your own thing knitting not giving them any acknowledgement. I could tell as soon as she came in she was a talker she kept making little sounds thru the movie & I said to myself oh great I KNOW she will talk to me....why do strange people feel this insatiable need to talk to me all the time. I never get the cool people talking to me the ones who look interesting or like they can carry on a meaningful conversation, no I get the crazies (oh the late night wal-mart stories I could tell you about crazy people) or the neurotic speedy soccer mom types. I know I look normal you would think I was an average middle-class hetero plain fat chick ohhhh how opposite I am. Sometimes I want to break out in a really loud conversation about fetish & play piercing & gay boy porn just to freak out the conservative (and I have before) but I just don't get what prompts people to talk to me. Don't get me wrong I'm not mean & I like talking to people I will chat people up in the store sometimes but only ones who I know want to talk, it was obvious I was in the knitting zone not looking at anyone & of course I'm talked to. It's like when you go to a bar & get hit on by a dude you have no interest in.....I want to say umm ok what exactly prompted you to ask me to dance I didn't smile at you hell I didn't even look at you, it's obvious I'm not interested in dancing otherwise I would be dancing. But do I get asked to dance at my type of bar......nope oiy

While I'm venting did I ever tell the story about the time I was hit on by an aryan nation "minister". Oh yes you read that right. I know my close friends who haven't heard this story are cracking up already, it get more amusing. Not only was he a so called "minister" he literally came up to my boobs & had bad teeth *shudder*. He had told everyone in the factory I was working at that he liked me before he had the nerve to ask me out, it was a huge joke & one of the other anti-prejudice guys I work with joked "what? you would make a great all white child bearing aryan woman with those hips & your blonde hair & green eyes" he knew I was a bottle blonde at the time and wore colored contacts & a good chunk of my ancestry is native american. Needless to say when he worked up the nerve I said NO before he made it within 10feet of me & he was like but uhh & I said nope I know not interested. Everyone around had a hard time not laughing.

Anyways back to chuckles the poor boi ran into the suv while getting out of the wheelchair. Then the poor thing started lip biting & now has a huge gash & I mean HUGE under the front lip because of the novocain. It is causing more pain than the pulled teeth & causing a fat lip. And I'm not even getting into the crying for mo reason I've been saying in my head most of the day awww poor thing.

In better news I get a call today about the seamstress position I applied for. It's kinda far but it's close to my dads house so if I get it & I have bad weather issues I can crash at his house. But I will probably fudge up this interview, I don't know why I don't get offers I think I do well but we'll see.

Oh & I received a great small item package from my secret craftster swap.....a sweater for chiquita! How cool is that. I can't wait for the other items if this is my small item. It was uber cute

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