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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Latest swaps

These are the items I have sent in my latest swaps. My partners on the dishcloth swap have received & my partner for the knit crochet goodie bag should receive any day now if she hasn't already. Here is what I sent for the knit/crochet goodie bag swap.

My partner is a beginner crochet so I decided to set her up with some basics. She only had 2 hooks so I sent her:

-3 hooks

-a hook holder made from an old book, similar to a book purse but I sewed the lining & outer fabric together as well as glued it because of the strain you put on the lining when using the elastic. It also has a large pocket

-2 bags of gluten free pasta for her son it was hard to get where she lives

-a yarn ball holder so you can walk & crochet

-2 stamps

-3 pages of stitch patterns (front & back)

-a pencil case which I thought would be good for hooks & makers yada yada

-some hook grip covers. I love these for my metal hooks

-and a copy of crochet for beginners & the bag it all came in

My other swap was a dishcloth swap & I had 2 partners one who wanted purples & the other who liked red & black so I sent:

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