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Sunday, July 22, 2007

If you read my blog you know I have picked up knitting again after 20+ years. We I decided to jump in head first & I'm knitting a sweater from this pattern on craftster of a design your own top down raglan. Can I just say again how freakin long knitting takes OH MY GOD. It took almost the whole time of watching Starship Troopers to finish the neck. I watch Knitty Gritty so I would say I am at a medium pace geezy peez I've only gotten 3in done. well at least I started early for winter. I'm making it out of caron simply soft......I try every experiment with cheap yarn so I won't get mad if I have to scrap it in black. I think I want to make it solid black I think it will look great with my knee high leather boots this winter. I say a cute black with a little shimmer yarn the other night while at wal-mart, I may do a couple rows of it to keep me from nodding off while I knit.

And speaking of Wal-Mart chuckles & I decided to cruise by Barnes & nobles friday after I got off work at midnight to see if it was crazy. Not too bad a bunch of zitty teenagers dressed up, people actually couldn't wait they were standing outside reading. I think its amazing that someone has captured kids so much that there is a group that will wait outside for a book instead of a video game system...I love it. I wish more kids would get into reading as much.

I received my copy of I Am Legend last week & sat & read it & the other stories up to mad house ( I think). Not bad you can def tell it was written in the 50's but it's not too dated just a little tame on the violence & gore. I never knew his story Dance of the Dead was the inspiration for the masters of horror episode until I started to read it & I was like wait a minute this sounds familiar.

Chuckles & I rented some movies last night. We were both in a horror movies so we got 2 of the 8 movies in the horror fest, don't rent them they are BORING. I got one called the breed with angela rodrigues *drool* in it which will be worth it just cause she is in it & the new hitcher which I already saw the first but it wasn't my choice. I swear I will post some project pictures soon I have been playing mamma bear to chuckles because the toothache.

I have finished a knitted hat & a bunch of swap items & I'm going to get sewing for the latest one I entered a secret craftster swap, I've never done one before so it should be fun. There is suppose to be a zombie swap starting soon & chuckles was like you got to join it! Duh

Oh damn its 9:59 I'm outa work WOO HOO!!!!

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