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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've been working on the cutest thing today for my swap partner that I almost want to keep it for myself. I hope I have enough ____ to make another. It's for my secret craftster swap so I can't even take pictures of it for like another month.

I played hooked from work today, whoda thunk it skipping work at place you hate sometimes I wish our contract wouldn't' be renewed in 08 so I would be forced to get a job somewhere else...not that it would be any better.

Tomorrow is the big dentist day for chuckles so I will probably get another inch completed on my sweater in the waiting room. Its about twice the size of the last pic. It should be a fun week..... chuckles doesn't take pain well so it should be like having a bear with a burr in its ass living on the couch all stoned. Oh & my moms birthday is this *blah* Maybe I can slip out to the thrift store down the street & get a couple sweaters to recycle to take my frustration out on.

I'm thinking of making some knitting needles & listing them on etsy after I'm done with my swaps. I'm really going to get into the zombie one I've already been looking up patterns for gorey things. I would really like to make a shawl pin, the ones that are basically a circle with a stick thru them for this winter. I made a mini shawl the other night at work because I was so bored of knitting I was falling asleep. It's way easier to crochet in between calls because its kinda brainless than it is to knit & remember where to increase. I'll post pics later is just basic grey in caron simply soft (it was going to be the stripe on my sweater) it's very plain but I'm thinking of doing a cool fringe. I'm going for the charleze sweet novemeber shawl look she wears thru most of the movie.

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